Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vacation Excitement

We in the preparation stages for our vacation. We completed all of our laundry yesterday. Justin washed and dried the clothes, I hung them up. Everything we own is now clean...I love that feeling. We were discussing last night our strategy for packing: everything we are wearing to LA in one suitcase, everything on the cruise and to Vancouver in the other suitcase. I'm okay with this because Vancouver should be in the mid 50's and cloudy, LA will be in the mid 70's and sunny. Should work out fine.

I have become a little Disney obsessed. Trying to figure out what rides we want to go on. Checking the Disney website everyday for new things. I'm just so excited. First, we haven't been on a vacation since we went to Hawaii. Yes, we went to San Jose for a week over Christmas...but that is not the same as a destination spot.

Because of this, I haven't been able to really focus on Vancouver much. I've done some research but because we are going with a whole gang of family, I don't know how much say we will have in what we do. I do know that the last time Justin and I were in Vancouver we picked a random hotel from the Ferry Depot and ended up in the worst and scariest drug infested area. And that is pretty much all we have seen on Vancouver, the most beautiful city in the world (so I'm told). Well not entirely true, we also went to the Capilano Bridge and Grouse Mountain and went to the top. Scary stuff.

Out of everything we are doing, what I am looking forward to the most...driving with Justin...I love our car trips together. We have some great laughs driving in a car for hours. I'm ready!!

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