Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So I have figured out how to post a Masthead on my blog..yay for me. I have decided to change up the Masthead every so often. I just have to figure out how to center it or be able to make the masthead space longer so it fills the whole length....all of this code is done in HTML and I need Justin's help to figure it out. Plus it gives me a chance to practice my Photoshop skills on a regular basis.

And I've finally found a good name for my blog. The Merry Drizzle...I'm probably going to move my current blog over to to make it more congruent with what I have decided on the blog name. Actually, I think what I will end up doing is mirroring my blogspot site to a webpage hosted off of Hanly's Hounds so the HH website will update each time I update the blogspot and I can just direct everyone to the HH site....yeah, see, thats the ticket. Thanks for helping me figure that one out...hehehe.

Other than that, Justin and I are preparing for our vacation and looking forward to it so much! Oh, I can't wait!!!!!!! But it is a lot of work to get Hanly's Hounds information ready for a friend of ours to take over the pooper scooping for us next week. Phew!

Have a wonderful day beautiful people.

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