Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Staying Postitive

One of the things that I have been trying to change is my "half glass empty" "prepare for the worst but expect the best" outlooks. And that was put to the test last night in a big way.

I received a voicemail at home from a guy who said he was from such and such mortgage company and being that our 2 year fixed rate was up, we will be either going to an adjustable rate or we will have to refinance. What? I thought we had a 30 year fixed. Let's back up for a second...when we bought our house we went with a mortgage broker. He was too much to handle. Justin and I always left a conversation with him feeling confused. And being that this was our first house, we just trusted him. Come to find out that was a big mistake. Twice lenders fell through because we were in California and the house was in Nevada...it was a mess. So the mortgage we ended up with is apparently a 2 year fixed only, something that we either forgot, chose not to hear or was just plain confused. All we knew is that the loan went through on the last day before we lost our down payment and had to (at the last minute) fly to Reno to sign all of the paperwork. It was a scary thing to go through, but at least we had our house.

And last night the phone call. So I immediately freaked out...started crying, worrying, etc. I took out our paperwork and it was all there. 2 year fixed, then adjustable. We just watched so many news stories about "creative" mortages and how people are loosing their homes because they can't keep up with the payments. All of that flooded into my mind last night.

Justin all along was telling me not to worry, things will be fine. How does he know that things will be fine? He was saying that there are no accidents, things happen for a reason...all the things I didn't want to here while I was freaking out. Could I just freak out in peace? Couldn't he just listen to my irrational ranting and raving and not say a word? Or better yet, couldn't he just freak out with me? Join the parade of hysterics, join the crying and the worrying. But no, he was all calm and controlled and positive.

Then he said it. "What happened to positive Melanie?" That snapped me back to reality. If I focus on being scared and negative, then that is what I will create for myself. So I am contacting my mortgage company expecting a better rate than we have now, which will lower our payments! Thats right! It's all positive from here on out and if you see or hear me doing anything different...call me on it.

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