Friday, March 23, 2007

New blog website

Thanks for traveling over to my new blog website. This site is much easier to blog from, also my Mom can check this out instead of having to create a myspace account (because I kept mine private...too many creeps on myspace.) I'm eventually going to bring this blog over to a website based on our Hanly's Hounds website...but that is in the process of being re-vamped, thanks to Justin's Uncle John!!! And let me tell you, the preliminary design is awesome, just awesome. Justin and I will be working on the content this weekend, we need to pair it down and make it more simple. Anywho - hopefully we can somehow mirror this blog to our Hanly's Hounds website to make it easier for everyone to see and a website address that is simple. I just don't like the fact that there are so many personal "searchable" items on myspace.

Plus as a bonus, anyone can leave a comment and not have to have a Blogger account (like you have to have a Myspace account to leave a comment on Myspace) can leave comments by clicking "remarks" and then either "other" and just enter in your name or "anonymous" and have your comment show up with no identification. I like it!

Well, I hope everyone has a happy Friday...

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