Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I forgot...

I forgot to put this in my Focus blog....

I know why I was confronted with the Drunk Bar Man who looked like my Dad several days ago. God was preparing me for the other guy who looked even more like my Dad who showed up to Focus. Yes, that is right. There was a second man who looks even more like my Dad and not only did he show up to the Focus Seminar, but he ended up in my small group (which was chosen randomly). So I am going to be haivng conference calls with my small group once a week for the next 8 weeks or so. How awesome is that?

Seeing this man was fabulous because he looked like a healthy version of my Dad...a kind version...a genuine version. He wasn't operating out of fear, he was operating out of kindness.

I know now that if I didn't have the preparation beforehand, I would have broken down and focused on the way this man looked during the whole seminar.

I havn't told the man from Focus the story of Drunk Bar Man yet. I told him I would email it to him because I want him to know that God took the time and prepared me for this man's presence in Focus. I hope that makes him feel special. I know I certainly feel special.

Isn't life Amazing??

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