Friday, December 1, 2006

It's Friday!

This week has gone by super fast! I forgot to post a funny story that happened last week:

Last Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) Justin had oral surgery - to have his wisdom teeth out as well as one of his front teeth that he knocked out partially with a ladder (long story for another time). So I drove him to the oral surgeon and he was put under a twilight anesthesia. I was so scared that something bad would happen (that he wouldn't wake up). I made him kiss me goodbye and I was a nervous wreck! He came out of it fine and was in a dandy mood until we got about 1/4 of the way home when he started getting sick from the anesthesia.

Thankfully, I had made Justin pack the car with some essentials, a pillow and blanket, water, garbage bags (in case he were to throw up), etc. Well, he started to feel nauseous and started to dry heave, which cause me (a sympathetic dry heaver, myself) to do the same. I gunned the car and kept it at a steady 95 miles per hour the rest of the way home. The speed limit on the freeway to our house is 70.

I was about 1 mile from getting off the freeway when the cop saw me. I made it to the off ramp but the police car actually cut someone off to get behind me. He officer threw on his lights and pulled me over. He got to my car and said, "I clocked you at 92." I said, "Really? Because I was going 95 most of the way here." The officer chuckled. Then I made my plea, "I'm sorry but I am trying to get my husband home, he just had oral surgery and he is throwing up in the car." The officer looked over at Justin, who at the time did not make any eye contact with the officer and was rocking himself back and forth. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he had two ice packs strapped to the side of his fact with a white cloth that went from under his chin, up the side of his face and was tied in a nice bow on top of his head. (Something out of a cartoon, I swear!). Anywho, the officer gave me a little lecture and sent me on my way - NO TICKET!

Most of you know that I have been pulled over a lot. I think that was my 11th time or so and never gotten a ticket (knock on wood). I know that if I did not have a damn good reason and a pathetic looking Justin sitting next to me that I would have not only gotten a ticket but given a misdemeanor as well.

The end. :)

PS - Justin is doing fine, healing well.

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