Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

I was 90% done with our Christmas shopping last Wednesday (the Day BEFORE Thanksgiving). And now, we are completely, 100% done! I can't believe it. My winning strategy took some time, but organization was the key for me:

1) I created a spreadsheet with everyone I was going to buy gifts for with a target budget (I went over on most of the budgets). I put on the spreadsheet the items I ordered online in 1 column and bought in the stores in another and a column for "Received Shipment Items" column to track what I have and have not received. I also had a column for ideas of what I wanted to get each person. (This spreadsheet will also help for wrapping presents).
2) I shopped online for most everything. I tried to stick with as few websites as possible to help save on the shipping costs.
3) We went shopping just so we can have the experience of putting gifts in a cart, but 70% of it was done online.

Now, I haven't wrapped anything yet, that will be saved for this weekend. And all before we even have our Christmas Tree.

Oh, Happy, Happy Holidays!

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