Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are we going to be on HGTV?

Justin received this email on Monday night:
To Whom It May Concern:

Hi my name is Jane Smith and I am writing on behalf of the Home and Garden Channel! I have come across your home and was wondering if you might be interested in being featured on a special spin-off of our popular TV show "What's With That House?" called "What's With That Really Haunted Halloween House?" with host George Grey! I must say that you house is by far the VERY BEST I've seen and we would love to feature your home on this new series! The shoot would take place right around Halloween or so...If there is ANY possibility you might be interested please let me know!! We would love to show off your REALLY HAUNTED HALLOWEEN HOUSE!

Please feel free to contact me and I look forward to hearing from you!

First, Jane Smith is not her name. Second she is with LMNO productions and third - this is for real. Justin has been putting ads all around the Reno area on Craigslist to see if people want him to build them a Halloween prop. And this "Jane Smith" person came across that ad. How awesome is that?

We had to fill out their application and submit more pictures of the haunted house and of me and Justin (to make sure we are television pretty) and are waiting. Keep your fingers crossed. This would be awesome for our haunted house, maybe we would be able to tie in Hanly's Hounds with the local media coverage (because if HGTV is coming to our house, we are for sure going to contact the newspapers and television stations in the Reno area...oh yeah!).

Anywho - it is just nice to maybe, possibly have an opportunity like this!

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