Friday, March 27, 2009

Whole house fan

Justin and I bought a whole house fan sometime last summer. He explained to me that if we put in the whole house fan in the ceiling in the hallway and open up at least one window, the fan will suck in air from outside, create a breeze in the house, and bring the air up in the attic, forcing the hot air in the attic out and cooling off the entire house to whatever the outside temperature is.

Our AC bills are not usually super high during the summer, but last year it was quite hot (95 and above for most of the summer) and it's hard to cool off a house that has been sitting in the heat all day. So at night we would open up all of the windows and have a fan in each window. Then in the morning, before the sun came up, I would shut it all down. It was quite a bit of work for such little payoff.

Then Justin put in the fan last Sunday. And OH HOW IT WORKS SO WELL! I think this year, our AC bill will be less than half of our cost last year. It cools down our bedroom in about 30 seconds. (We can't keep it on right now since the outside temperatures are about 30 degrees at night.) Everyone should put one in. The cost was less than $200.

Justin had to put a whole in our ceiling, install the fan, hard wire the electrical. It took about 5 hours to complete. A small price to pay for comfort and lower AC bills.

My only worry is that he told me a story of some people he knew that put in one of these fans and forgot to open at least one window...if you don't do that, then air will come out of whatever opening you have...they had a wood fire place. And yes, soot went everywhere.

Here are a few pictures of the installation process:

The cut in my ceiling:
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The hole in my ceiling and Justin looking so pleased with himself:
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My view into the attic from the hole:
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Justin's view in the attic:
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The finished project (please don't judge me on my lack of touch up painting...I've given up on the idea of touch up painting since I now want to change the colors in our house):
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