Thursday, December 18, 2008

Email from my Mother-In-Law

I received this email from Barbara, my Mother-in-Law, yesterday. I was dying laughing. She has a fantastic sense of humor! Without further adieu the following is direct from Barbara's email:

Ok, here's my story from this morning.

I had lots of stuff to take out to my frozen over car this morning so I made several trips. I needed to bring wrapped books for a book exchange thing, a gift for our staff assistant that got laid off, and I realized this morning that I had bought gifts for my person from the bulletin board (we are doing a secret santa thing), but never wrapped or shipped them to her. Yeah, Oh Crap.
Soooo, I am busy this morning wrapping, writing brief notes and taking out to the car because I wanted to get to work before 8am and go to the mail center before I hold everyone up. Because I also have a bunch of gifts that need to be boxed up for Adopt-a-Family and I don't have boxes.
Ok, I finally have dogs and cats taken care of , stuff in the car, windows scrapped, and suddenly remember that I had made homemade bread in the breadmaker. I remember because I smell it, wonderful.

I quickly grab with a potholder, burn the thumb, but manage to quickly get it out of the canister and decide to take a slice into work for breakfast. I butter it and put in a ziplock and finally leave for work.

All good at the mail center, I have the place to myself, so I can check out box sizes for the adopt-a-family stuff, and package-up the one to my secret santa recipient, Lisa Beaty in Texas.

Finally make it to my office, get coffee, but can't find my breakfast, the slice of buttered freshly baked bread. Search of office, backpack, gift bags for books, for Jackie, then call Bryan to see if it was left someplace or there is evidence of a compromised ziplock (Charlie).


So, basically, I shipped my breakfast to Texas. I am calling this my Texas Toast story.

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