Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Flickr Photos

For those of you who have Windows Vista (I have it at work)...do you have the Google Side Bar? If you do...you know you can add in different applications, right?

Well, I'm addicted to the "Flickr Random Photos." It is a slide show of photos from everywhere on Flickr. I have noticed that there are a lot of people posting pictures of nature. LOTS of nature shots. And for some reason bugs. People like to take macro pictures of bugs. But all of these photos are really intriguing.

The last 10 photos I just saw were:
1) macro of a blue flower
2) sunset on a beach
3) cute woman posed sexy style against a tree
4) man in some type of ceremonial headdress
5) sunset on a beach
6) black and white of fall foliage on the ground
7) an eye
8) a full moon with trees...spooky
9) bubbles in a glass
10) a baby

People like to take pictures of awesome things! Oh, I just saw a picture of a stop light...the photographer had to be laying on the ground looking up a the stoplight with building all around. And now there are robots built out of legos.

I love Flickr random photos. It seriously keeps me entertained all day long...and then a creepy one pops up here.

Maybe flickr has a random photo slide show you can download to your computer without having Vista? It's work a look into...I love it!

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Rish said...

I got dizzy looking at those tights....