Sunday, January 20, 2008

The car that might have been

Justin and I went to a Fernley storage auction yesterday. I figured if we could buy a storage unit that had some furniture and clothes, etc we could donate it to the victims of the Fernley flood. When we got there there were WAY more people than there usually are for these auctions.

For the first time that Justin and I have been to one of these, they were auctioning off a couple of cars. Not that we needed a car but it never hurts to look, right. Well there was this tore up 1995 Jeep. No way would I want to bid on that. Then there was this 1999 Ford Expedition, Eddie Bauer edition, leather, 3 rows of seats, etc. Easily worth $7,000.

The auctioneer wanted to start off the bidding at $3,000. There was a bid for $100.00. Then it was moving up...we put a bid in for $500, then $600, then $650 (because the person bidding with us went into $25 increments). Then before we knew it we were in the running at $1200. Then $1275. We bid all the way up to $1500. Then I got scared because they were doing the "going once, going twice..." thing. And we were going to own an AWESOME car that we didn't even know if it ran or not. And Justin was stoked and I was saying in my head..."please, someone else bid...I don't want to take a $1500 chance." And then someone else bid. I was relieved. I just didn't have time to process it all.

Justin was thinking that if we bought it for $1500 we could sell our Explorer for $3000, fix whatever needed to be fixed on the new, in awesome conditioned car and have a new car for me. I was thinking, "what if this was a piece of evidence in a crime and it gets taken away and we loose our money." Next time, I'll be more mentally prepared.

In the end the Expedition went for $1675. Damn.


Carol said...

You should have called us. We would have definitely asked you to bid on the car for us. :( Sucky!!!!

My name is Melanie and Welcome to The Merry Drizzle. said...

Sorry, you would have had about 1 minute to decide if you wanted us to bid for you. We walked around the corner with everyone had a chance to walk around the vehicle and they started the bidding.