Tuesday, December 18, 2007

80s life

So my co-worker, Neely, and I have discovered that the two of us use to watch the same great 80s kids shows. We also, get this, would audio record our favorite TV shows to listen to at a later date (before homes actually had VCRs). Then I found out that she would make home movies...actual movies...like murder movies, etc. Which, because of Justin, I had the pleasure of doing as well.

There was one summer and a couple of video tapes that Justin's parents HAVE to have somewhere at their house, of me, Justin, my sister and our next door neighbor - Corbin, making MacGyver type videos. Justin and Corbin had even made a stunt dummy - his name was Jim. But he was referred to as "Stunt-Dummy-Jim." He was a jacket and pair of pants stuffed so he would look more like a human as he was thrown off the roof. I would LOVE to see one of those videos! If I ever get the chance of seeing it, it will for sure be posted on You Tube!


Carol said...

Creepy!!!!!! I was actually thinking about those home movies just yesterday. In fact, I was going to ask you about them. How strange is that?

Melanie said...

Yeah, that is creepy! You and I must be related or something. Hahaha.