Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sick for the week and oh, what a Friday

Let's start off with how my week went. Terrible. I was sick the whole week. I had what everyone else in this area has...stomach flu followed up nicely with a pounding headache that only 6-8 Tylenol would knock out. Really, from Monday through Friday. Oh and did I mention the extreme tiredness? Yeah, throw that in too and I had myself a fabulous week.

Then came Friday...the day of the never-ending, just-one-step-below-a-migraine-headache: the day where I had to wake up and call my boss because he too was sick with the stomach flu; when all I wanted to do was lay in bed and not breathe because each breath I drew caused immeasurable pain. So, I called him at 7:00 am, patients start at 7:30. He lives in Reno (at least a 1/2 hour drive). I talked to him and he was not coming in. Which meant that I had to get out of bed, mind you I have not showered, and start canceling patients to cancel their appointments. But at least I'd be able to cancel them all and get back to bed where I can continue not breathing. I got half way down the list and another Physical Therapist (another boss of mine) walks in. So not only do I have to call all the patients back to un-cancel their appointments but I get to stay at work, un-showered and all headachey. Nice.

Did I mention that I had a Pure Romance sales party at my house for 9 women Friday night to get ready for?

Uh yeah. Thankfully, after 6 or 8 Tylenol my headache did seem to part ways from my head and allow me to be a good hostess. After I ran home from work at the end of the day and jumped in the shower. Amazing how sometimes just being clean will help me get better faster. And the evening went off really well. It was pretty fun, I must say. sometimes takes being sick and having a horrible headache to appreciate the healthy, non-headachey days in life. I'm at the appreciation stage at the moment.

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