Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Less than 1 week

Since I first got that fabulous head start, buying sheets with the intention to dye them black and paint different Halloween scenes on them, I have procrastinated miserably and have completed none. And now in less than 1 week, it is going to be October 1st. And because our Haunted House is going to be open two days this year AND I have a friend from England flying out specifically at this time to help out and participate, I feel added pressure to make this spectacular. Really, Justin and I share the pressure...but because I also think that I have been doing this with him on such a grand scale for so many years, it is no longer just his thing, its our thing.

Now, in less than 1 week, we will have the graveyard up, which is the first calling to the kids that live in our neighborhood that Halloween is around the corner. It also serves as a daily reminder to the kids in the school bus driving by to make sure to come to our house.

Justin put up a website www.fernleyhalloween.com
it is partially done, we are going to add some more pictures (as of right now, it is not checked for grammar or spelling).

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