Saturday, September 29, 2007

Highlights and a hair cut...two bits.

I decided about a week ago that after I color my hair I was going to highlight it. Myself.

I have been coloring my own hair (I have only been to a beautician once to get my hair colored) for about 19 That just made me feel old. Anyway, I have never had an issue when coloring my own hair. I think it is because I so don't care about how it turns out...I can always change the color, no worries. Also, part of it is because I had the WORST PERM OF MY LIFE when I was 23 and had to cut off most of my hair to make it look halfway decent. After that, hell, my hair could be green and I wouldn't care.

So I colored my hair one of the shades of red, brand and color all depends on what is on sale when I go to buy is always a surprise. But I had picked up an additional box of formula to highlight my hair. Now, I have NEVER had highlights in it I wasn't sure I wanted to do it. What if it turned out horrible? Eh, I live dangerously when it comes to my hair (not to putting dirty un-rinsed, un-scrubbed dishes in the dishwasher apparently - a little backwards I think, but thats me). So on Thursday morning, right before work (again, living dangerously here) I followed the directions and put the highlight formula on my hair. I waited the 20 minutes the directions said to and viola! Beautiful highlights for $6.00. How much better does that get?

And since I was in the mood to change my hair, I got to work and made an appointment with my hairstylist and got it chopped off. In a new style that finally blends in my now non-existent bangs that I took a year to grow out.

Life is good. And I'll take some pictures when it is not 5:45 in the morning and I have extreme bed-head and post them.

P.S. - did you get the reference in the title of this post?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Pictures... I wanna see pictures...I'm spoiled, I get my hair colored, it's the only thing I indulge myself with... the first time I did it myself, I picked sparkling sherry and I looked like a hooker. yeah..... not so good. Pictures....~Love White Gurl