Saturday, August 11, 2007

Spa party

Well, I hosted the spa party last night. And it was awesome! My friend, Lea is a massage therapist (every person needs a friend who is a massage therapist!) and she has started to do these spa parties. We are her first test group.

This is how it works: Each guest (besides the!) pays $25.00. And the hostess gets to choose the treatment for the guests (I've chosen facials). There are only 2-4 guests. While, in rotation, each guest gets their facial the other guests move onto different "relaxation stations" until all guests have done each station and received a facial. The "relaxation stations were: foot treatment, hand treatment, parfin wax.

What a fabulous idea and an amazing evening!

Okay so what I did as a hostess was to (1) clean the hell out of our house. Actually that was me and Justin. See the previous post "The Deal." Our house looks awesome! And our furniture was steam cleaned as well via Justin...awesome. (2) I put together wine and cheese with grapes and veggies for munching on.

Okay, now for the pictures...I even super impressed myself with the spread.

I LOVE this photo:

Oh yeah, we were there for spa treatments too. Here is Lea (and sunflowers from our garden in the front of our house).

Lea's assistant and Mom, Sheri

Awesome facial spa products:

Cabana Girl hand treatment:

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