Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rosetta Stone and French Lentil Soup

Carol, my sister, went down to the Bay Area yesterday. And as she promised she went to get me a library card from the Palo Alto Library so I can have a log in code for their website to access Rosetta Stone software. Thats right folks, I'm learning Italian. I'm stoked. So thank you Carol. Or should I say " Grazie mille!"

The library card was not an easy thing to get. She had me call the main Palo Alto Library and I asked if they had the access to the Rosetta Stone software and if she could go to any branch, they said they do and any branch will work. So Carol headed to the East Palo Alto library. Did you know that the East Palo Alto library is in San Mateo County? An entirely different county than all of the other Palo Alto libraries. We didn't know that either. But Carol was awesome enough to find that out and then visit one of the actual Palo Alto libraries. However, this was my last favor I could ask of her "for the rest of the year." So again, thank you Carol! I know getting me that card was a pain in the ass. (I figure if I kiss up enough then maybe, just maybe I can ask for one more favor before the end of the year!)

And to celebrate my learning Italian. I made French Lentil Soup last night. From scratch...well, I didn't grow any of the ingredients or harvest the beans or make the veg stock. But I did cut up all of the veggies...well my Cuisinart did that for me. But I still made it from scratch. Really simple to make. You just sautee a mirepoix, add broth, add canned chopped tomatoes, add beans, bring to a boil, reduce head and simmer for 40 minutes. Take half of the beans and puree add back into the pot and you are done, done, done. I added some olive oil, a drizzle and a splash of balsamic to my was simple and wonderful. I just wish I had a couple pieces of crusty bread to go along with the soup last night. Justin didn't like it. Not one bit. He didn't like the taste or the texture and the fact that it didn't have any meat. (He doesn't care for sausage, except on pizza or breakfast sausage, so adding that would not have made it better for him.) Oh well, I will have to make it on the nights when Justin and I are each on our own for dinner.

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Carol said...

That soup sounds very yummy. I wish I would have had some last night (I ended up at Burger King - yuck!!!). I didn't get home from the Bay Area until 12:30am. It was an incredibly long day. And, I am paying for it today - I am exhausted! But, I am glad you are enjoying Rosetta Stone. Maybe, just maybe next time I have to do something like that, I will plan ahead a bit and actually get the information ahead of time instead of driving all over hell (that's what I call the Bay Area now) and back. :) And yes - NO FAVORS FOR YOU FOR ONE YEAR!!!! (Of course I am sure I am be convinced otherwise if you need some help with something - but, I may ask for something in return, like that yummy soup you made last night). :)