Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend fun

Our weekend was fairly routine...we had 3 houses to pet sit, each twice a day. We played a lot of Wii. We created a mailer to people who already live on the streets where we have clients...might as well try to get new customers to where we already have customers, right? I created it in Photoshop...again took forever because I'm trying to learn now to do things and everything in Photoshop (yes, I know I have complained about this before) is so complicated...but worth knowing how to do such cool things.

Saturday night Scott came over and hung out, played the Wii. Justin and Scott played tennis for a while and had lots of fun.

Sunday was again messing with our mailing. We decided to custom print our envelopes so people might have a better chance of opening them, so I screwed with the design on that for a few hours yesterday.

Sunday evening Justin and I went over to my Mom's house for dinner and oh, what a yummy dinner we had. She made chicken Parmesan and spaghetti with a kicked up meat sauce that she simmered for two hours the day before (there is nothing like next-day-sauce). We really had a good time. We brought over our Wii and Mom and Ken played...we played a game of bowling...I knocked out Justin AGAIN in boxing (we've played twice now and it is my second time KO'ing him)...we fished...Justin and Ken played baseball. It really was a good time.

Then it came time for us to leave and all mothers try to make you take stuff with my case we had to make two trips from the house to the car to get everything. My mom sent us home with 6 (yes, 6...the 6 that comes after 5) chicken breasts of chicken Parmesan ...and a mound of spaghetti with meat sauce and two pies that had 3/4 left. And a random frozen pre-marinated pork tendorloin. And 11 of a 12 book series that she just finished...and a piece of corningware that she had of mine...and our video camera and tripod that she had. Oh and a vase that she had of mine too. Oy! I'm making fun of it because it was comical. But I really am thankful for all of the leftovers. We won't have to cook for 3 days now. :) And Justin and I really did have a wonderful time. My mom still has it! She is the best cook.

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