Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Things that piss me off

So yesterday I had to make a trip to our only grocery store in Fernley. We normally don't shop there unless we need some last minute items - if we run out of milk, we'll go to the grocery store, that kind of thing. Yesterday I went because Justin and I were having, ahem, potty issues (you can read about his potty issues here) and I needed desperately to pick up some Immodium AD - but I had to time my trip there because like I just said...I was having potty issues. I went to the bathroom at home and made a beeline for store. I figured I would have had about 15 minutes before I had to use the restroom again. I could do it...go to the store, pick up the one item and get home in time to use the restroom at home.

What I forgot is that the grocery store in our small town is a bit like a bar for people who are on the wagon...a social gathering spot, everyone knows everyone else. Thank God I didn't see anyone I knew - however the clerk in the line that I chose to checkout in knew the two women in line before me so the conversations were long and in what I like to call "Fernley White Trash" speak. So I will spare you those conversations.

The first lady in line wanted her grocery items split into two separate purchases. This is what PISSED ME OFF! She separated out her powdered baby formula (like 10 containers of it) and the rest of her food in one purchase and her movies, make up, Captain Morgan, Vodka, mixers and Beer in the other. And I didn't figure it out until she started talking about how tired she is of separating out these items because she is on WELFARE! She paid cash for the movies, make up and alcohol and paid with her Welfare vouchers for the other stuff. Seriously, she is complaining that she is screwing with the Welfare system. Really?! This pissed me off for two reasons:

1. Obviously she has enough cash to pay for the alcohol and sundries -why freakin' buy that and not pay cash for the food and baby formula and give the system a break??
2. I'm f'ing standing there with ONE ITEM - for potty problems...what do you think my issue is? Do you not realize I am on a hard (insert potty joke here) deadline?

Then the second lady...had food, children's books and a children's bracelet or necklace...something like that. She had $20.00 and that was it. She could NOT add the items up in her head so she had the checker start ringing and adding 4...FOUR...different combinations so she could get the most items with the $20.00. Again, I'm going to say it...REALLY?!

This made me angry for a couple of reasons as well. First, the same as number two above (again, insert potty joke here) . And second, how on earth is she even smart enough to locate the grocery store in the first place? Dumb as a box of rocks.

Ugghhhh...this is why Fernley has the nickname of Ferntucky.

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