Monday, April 16, 2007

Posting so the last post isn't a picture of my Dad

So I really don't have much to say. It was a pretty uneventful weekend. I did few things for Hanly's Hounds. Justin had an idea to have a Fernley Scavenger Hunt through The Chamber of Commerce - so we are presenting this to the Chamber's board meeting tomorrow. I created this really cute but concise presentation for them with graphics and examples of clues to solve. The idea is to have the "players" go from business to business based on clues. They are to get their "passports" signed at each location. It is a way to get patrons into business stores.

I also put together our Chamber Mixer invitations for the mixer we are hosting on May 18th. This took me a long time to get done because I did it in Photoshop - I'm still trying to get use to that program. It is an awesome program but cumbersome for sure.

The rest of the weekend was spent either cleaning, watching tv, napping. Daz and his girlfriend stopped by for a short visit on Sunday, which was nice but left them covered in dog hair. They both wore those type of valor black pants that captures Pug hair extremely easily. So note: if you come to visit our house, wear clothes that do not attract Pug hair to you. If you leave our house looking like a hairy monkey, I have those roller zippy things to take it off.

Oh and yes! I have my ring. And it looks awesome! I couldn't be happier with it! It is super sparkely and shiny. I love it.

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