Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The concert

I was about 10 feet from the stage last night. It was a very small, intimate concert. And as always, Lyle Lovett does not disappoint. LL and his Large Band were fabulous...and there is not a better dressed band out there - all in suits - all 16 of them. They really are classy. And LL was funny and charming as always. If there was one complaint - it would be that they were on for an hour and a half...too short for them, they have so many hits, they could of course, go on for 6 hours and I wouldn't be bored.

I was sitting at a table with three other people. One guy from Reno and his two women friends from out of state. This gentleman was very nice. He painstakingly took the time to explain each and every song to his two, progressively inebriated women friends. He also was kind enough to sing each song to his two, progressively inebriated women friends. And his women friends responded with trying to get the crowd to clap, not in time with the beat, FOR EACH AND EVERY SONG. And the rest of the audience did not agree with their spontaneous, drunken, off timed clapping. Very amusing. Very amusing.

All in all, I would go see LL and his Large Band again...I would go again by myself...I actually enjoy myself more than worrying if Justin is having a good time or not. And Justin got to hang out with his friend Geoff *last night...they went bowling and talked about how Geoff was sucker punched twice** at Jakes last Friday night. Wow. I don't have the full story yet...we have Geoff's version - when I find out the real version, I'll let ya'll know.

*Not real name
**According to can only be sucker punched once...twice is being womped on.

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