Friday, July 13, 2007

Chicken Wings, Trivia and Harry Potter

Last night Justin, Scott (Justin's BFF) and I went down to Reno to go see the new Harry Potter movie....Scott and I wanted to see it, Justin couldn't care if he saw it or not, but he was happily along for the ride. We chose the furthest South Reno location because Justin and I had THE BEST popcorn there a few weeks ago when we saw Pirates. The popcorn was really THE BEST we had ever had. Maybe because that particular batch was made right there and not taken out of their pre-popped popcorn stash; I don't know.

We arrived near the theaters and were all hungry. There were numerous food options but I chose the Wings Wild West (they serve chicken wings and other bar food choices). We were all disappointed in their service and their would think that they would really focus on the tastiness of their wings, but I think they rely on their 10 choices of wing sauce to mask the mediocrity of the poor cooking. However, the best part of being there is they had the bar trivia know the one that is played on the tv and the players have the wireless hand held devices. Well, there were about 10-12 people playing in the bar...I started out in 6th place and by the end of the 15 questions...I won. Thats right, I beat everyone. Now, I'm not saying that I am super smart...well, I am super smart but half of the questions I had to guess at and I just went with my gut instinct and I was right all of those times. I wish I had learned to listen to that gut instinct back in college while I was taking those multiple choice tests; I would always second guess myself.

After I slaughtered my competition at the Wings place, we went to the 9pm showing for Harry Potter. It got out at about a quarter to 12. All in all it was a good movie. They, as always, left so much of the book out, but when you take a huge book like that there is only so much you can fit in. I really wanted to see it to get me psyched up for the final book in the series.

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