Saturday, June 23, 2007


You may have heard about the new Michael Moore movie Sicko. I am not a Michael Moore fan, I think he exploits his subjects and skews the facts to support what he is saying for shock value. But you know what? Politicians do the same thing. But one thing is different for his latest movie Sicko. I can't wait to see it, especially because I have been in the health care industry for so long. I was just talking to a patient the other day and her insurance company denied her drugs for her cancer treatment. She is fighting to find out why and in the meantime her current treatment has to be put on hold because it depends on the drugs that is currently being denied.

I hope that you choose to see this movie to at least get a point of view that you might not have already had about the health care industry. I doubt that I will agree with Michael Moore's proposed solution to the way insurance companies do business...but I think this will open up a dialog and bring this important issue to the forefront with a hopefully insightful and somewhat entertaining documentary.

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