Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fun with Pugs

So we are now knee deep in Halloween stuff. We have been setting up the Haunted House - all of the decorations are in our living room and slowly creeping outward. It is a mess! In the midst of all of this chaos, Justin came up with a great idea...

Have you seen the Halloween candy bowls (that have been out for years) that have a hand sticking up in the middle of the bowl so when you go to grab for a piece of candy it says "Happy Halloween" and the hand moves down into the bowl to touch your hand? Well imagine that with Dog Treats in it and it placed on the floor for the Pugs to get their treats from. Justin and I were cracking up; the dogs were barking but kept trying to get their "cookies" because Justin and I were egging them on...hehe.

And on a side note...I love having the house to ourselves! It is FANTASTIC!

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