Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Camping Part 1

Justin and I have a tent trailer. We bought this tent trailer for $50 about 6 years ago. Justin made that happen. There was a guy on Craigslist that needed a laptop. We had just been given a laptop through a friend because the screen did not work. Justin was able to have it fixed for $50. So he traded the laptop for the tent trailer. It's a decent tent trailer. It is from the 1970s and it shows. But the guy who traded it to us had reupholstered the inside. So all in all, it's not terrible.

When Justin brought home the tent trailer we had many discussions of how I do not think I would like camping. I don't like being dirty. I don't like the idea of going to the bathroom anywhere other than a bathroom with a toilet that flushes. I voiced all of my concerns and in an effort to step out of my comfort zone, I told Justin that I would go camping a total of 5 times. I wanted enough time camping to be able to make a decision.

I went on my first real camping trip this past weekend. Justin, I and our three pugs went to Pyramid Lake, about a 45 minute drive from Fernley.

I did not realize how much work camping is. I understand now the reason why people go camping for more than one night. One night of camping was probably not the best idea I've ever had. I just wasn't able to commit to a longer period of time because I didn't want to go to the bathroom in a non-bathroom environment. I figured if it was just one night I could probably hold it until I got home.

I woke up at 7am on Saturday morning to start packing and preparing the food. We kept it simple but it still took a while to bag up what we needed. PugZilla got out of bed with me and stood in the kitchen while I chopped up fruit. He is a fruit whore. He loves it so much. He can tell when we pull out a piece of fruit from the refrigerator. He has a 7th sense for it. That and ice cubes. It's his "fruit and ice cube" sense. All pugs have that, right?

It took PugZilla and I an hour or so to get everything ready. By that time, Justin was up and started getting other things ready that we would need, like toilet paper. He did not know that I wasn't planning on going to the bathroom until I got back home, so I let him pack it...you know, just in case.

It took 2 hours of packing and getting things ready before we could leave. And another 2 hours to drive to the lake and pick out a camp site. And another hour and a half to get the tent trailer opened and unpacked and bedding ready, etc, etc, etc. The working part of it seemed to never stop. 

Finally, during a particularly stressful few minutes during the set up I asked Justin for us to take a break and take the pugs down to the lake. We parked about 100 yards from the shore up on a little hill. We started walking down the hill and all three pugs started to follow. Once we were about half way down the hill, Martini (aka Miss Priss) decided that it was too much for her, she climbed back up the hill and under a set of rocks. Justin had to go back up and carry her down to the lake. After we put the dogs into the water for a little bit and cooled them off it was time to go back to the trailer and start cooking lunch. Olive and Martini decided that they wouldn't walk back up, so we had to carry them. We decided at that point that they are not camping  pugs. As Justin's Mom said, they are house-pugs.

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